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Never Too Late

Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-987-4
Genre: Contemporary, Gay(M/M), BDSM
Released: Aug 2009
Cover Artist: Natalie Winters
Format: e-book
Length: Novella
Price: $4.99

After years of pleasuring others' needs as an escort at Desires, Inc., Dakota Knight is finally ready to find a life he wants to live. That is, after one last request from his boss. He only has to fulfill thirty-six hours of submission and he's free to find happiness, though he believes love is a four-letter word. And one that isn't for him.

Brice Delco expected a weekend away with his best friend, Winter Chase. Instead he was led to a hidden playhouse containing a male escort, bound and ready to please. Then he finds out that Winter hired him so that Brice could have a great first experience with a guy, since he's been drooling over them for years.
Thanks to Winter, Brice enjoys more than one memorable first with Dakota, who in turn realizes that it's never too late for love. Even for a man with a past like his.




Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bedtime Fantasies

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 978-1-60659-108-6
Genre: Fairy Tales
Released: January 2009
Cover Artist: Tuesday Dube
Format: e-book
Length: Photon (19K)
Why snuggle up beside the fire, when you can warm up to this fantastic trio of bedtime stories? Join three sensual heroines in a quest to live erotically ever after!

Cyn-Ful Night of Pleasure: Down on her luck Cynderella has one chance to live out her wildest fantasies. With a bit of help from a wild fairy godmother, Cyn's sinful fun just might be the beginning of something "charming", and kinky!
Red Hot: Who's afraid of a big, bad, wolfish hunk? Vivacious Red learns the consequences of wandering alone in the forest, and lives to enjoy it.
What's in a Name? A mysterious enchantress rescues Tristan from an evil queen. Their love is threatened by a curse that can only be broken if Tristan can guess his beloved's true name.
Whipped Cream Reviews - "This one is definitely a hot escape read if you are looking for a quick read that is different."

Excerpt:“You,” she gasped.

He placed a finger over her lips, shushing her. Straightening, Connor moved to the end of the bed to admire his catch. She stayed silent as her chest rose and fell with heavy breath. With hooded eyes, she watched him, only a sparkle of green showing so her emotions and thoughts remained hidden. Her tongue darted out to wet her dry lips, making the red color glisten in the candlelight. Her body trembled. Excitement and arousal coursed through his veins creating a predatory feel as he watched his prey.

“Beautiful.” He murmured softly as he removed his vest and managed to discard his boots with haste. With the stealth of a wild cat, Connor kneeled on the bed, parting her legs further with his knees, and crawled up her body until he covered her, his leather-encased throbbing cock nestled tightly against her folds.

“What exotic eyes you have.” Her voice came out thick, but soft, and held a slight quiver. His fingers gently brushed wild strands of hair from her face before brushing down her cheek.

Conner knew his hunger was blazing strong, making the gold in his eyes brighten. “All the better to view your beautiful body with.” His voice was so deep it was nearly a growl.

She whimpered in response to his tone when his mouth descended upon her. Her lips scalded his, making them both gasp at the invigorating sensation. His tongue took the opportunity to press inside, exploring, dominating. He felt the rumble of her moans vibrate against his chest and into their joined mouths. The scent of her desire mingled with her sweet taste slowly drove him mad with need.

Connor pulled away, his tastes buds bursting with her flavor, but he didn’t go far. He nipped at her swollen lip, her breath coming out in small pants hitting on his own sensitive lips.

“What soft lips you have,” she breathed.

“All the better to taste your sweetness,” he answered with a crooked smirk.

She moved beneath him, the silk of her bra rubbing on his bare chest, shooting shivers down his spine. Her legs shifted and wrapped tightly around his leather-clad ones, pinning him to her. The movement caused her folds to tighten around his bulge, threatening to destroy the control that hung by a thread. He growled and attacked her neck, kissing her creamy soft skin. He caught her flesh between his teeth and marked her before moving down.

Using his strong arms to lift his upper body, Connor slid down her body causing her legs to loosen their hold. His lips left a trail of kisses down her throat until he reached the material that covered her breasts. Tongue dipping under the silk, he lapped at the supple skin hidden beneath the material. Using his teeth, he managed to uncover her right breast, shoving the bra aside. Red gasped and arched up off the bed.

“Please,” she hissed.

His gaze flickered up to her face and found a near orgasmic expression. Sweet Jesus, she was so fuck-able-ly beautiful. He couldn’t push aside the need to dominate her and take her hard, but not fast. No, he wanted to draw this out until she begged him for release.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Gift Worth Sharing

Publisher: Loose-Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-802-0
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, BDSM
Released: December 9, 2008
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Format: e-book
Length: Fling
Price: $3.99
Buy Link:

Spend a weekend with Nate and Kyle from A Master's Love.The holidays have arrived and Kyle can't wait to get away with his lover. What he doesn't know is that Nate has a special surprise waiting at their destination. As old memories of a failed attempt at a threesome surface, Kyle's determined to face them. But will it strengthen their relationship or break what they've been building for the last two years?

5 Angels from FAR!
Joyfully Reviewed:
“Shall I undress you, sir?” Nate asked as he placed the objects in his hand down on the nearby dresser.

Kyle realized that when Nate said that he’d have total control over the weekend, he meant that Kyle would literally be the one in charge. The Dominant. A role he hadn’t stepped into lately. However, at that moment, gazing at his lover and his own siren, Kyle felt that familiar itch to take what he wanted. Not violently, as he’d never take anyone in such a manner. But he wanted to feel the thrill of being in control like the night he gave Nate head in the bathroom of a local bar shortly after they met.

“You first. I want to watch, but do it where Dakota can see you too.”

The gold in Nate’s eyes flared with sexual hunger. He said nothing as he took several steps backward. He positioned himself next to the bed, further toward the headboard. He looked to Dakota who gave a slight nod. It was obvious they knew each other and were comfortable with this.

Kyle’s gaze was riveted to Nate’s fingers as they worked the buttons of his shirt and exposed a little more skin with each release. Nate’s pace was slow and intentional. Every movement he made was filled with sleek seduction.

The shirt shed, Nate toed off his shoes. His hands went to the waist of his jeans. They were one of Kyle’s favorite. Faded, soft, and worn. Not to mention tight in the crotch. The belt was taken care of in quick order and the button opened with a flick of the wrist. Nate paused as he gripped the zipper. The wait was excruciating torture for Kyle.

The sound of the zipper lowering reached his ears before Kyle’s brain registered that the action was happening. Everything occurred in slow motion, as if this were his first time seeing Nate strip.

Kyle blinked and Nate’s pants were at his ankles. Another blink and he’d removed the pants and socks, kicking them aside as if they were worthless. A gasp sounded from Dakota’s direction.

Yes, Nate was truly a sight to see. Though Dakota was enchanting with his romance book cover appeal, Nate was ravishingly magnificent to look upon. Pure male, through and through. Never would have guessed that this body hated its workouts and preferred to be sitting at a desk either writing or managing Angel’s Heart.

Heat pooled in Kyle’s lower stomach and his hands trembled slightly. His dick pressed tightly against his jeans as if whining my turn, my turn, and aching for freedom like Nate and Dakota.


“My pleasure to please you.” Nate approached. “May I now help you get more comfortable?”

Kyle’s throat clogged, so he nodded his consent.

No Ordinary Holiday

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 978-1-60659-100-0
Genre: Contemporary, slight fantasy, menage a trios (M/M/F)
Released: December 8, 2008
Format: e-book
Length: Heatsheet
Price: $2.00

The third and last installment to my Unexpected Holiday series is almost here. It began with fulfilling a fantasy on Valentine’s Day in At The Edge. Then a bit of kinky Christmas bondage in enWrappture. No Ordinary Holiday brings about an unforgettable Christmas present.

Blurb:As a descendent of Kris Kringle, a.k.a. Santa Clause, Devyn Rhodes has been bestowed with special abilities her family has coined as the gift. Only her late husband and those of blood relation has ever given her reprieve from the flashes and noise that surrounds her. That is until Cam and Jacob come knocking on her door. The silence aside, her unusual attraction to both men is almost overwhelming as the gift can be.

What’s a woman to do when she’s snowed in with two arousing men and lust comes calling?


5 Cherries at Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews!

I’m not sure…” she started to speak, but stopped. Her head tilted as if she were listening to something only she could hear. Her behavior worried him, even if he didn’t know what her norm was.


Any other words were cut off when she kissed him. Cam was stunned, the touch of her lips unexpected. But not unwanted. His mouth opened and welcomed her tongue. Her taste assaulted his senses, creating a burning desire that ached for her and only her. Cam’s arms snaked around her body and slipped up, hands slowly kneading her back and shoulders.

It would be so easy to lay her back on the tile floor and worship her body, slowly discarding every article of clothing. To kiss and taste every inch of her. To tease her until she cried out their names.

Cam’s body stilled, muscles tensed. What the hell? Their names?

He broke away and put some distance between them by standing up. “Uh, I’m sorry.” His eyes diverted.

Devyn reached up and took his hand. That same spark shuttled along his nerves. He yearned for more, but stood his ground.

“It’s okay, Cam.”

“No, it’s not. We just met and…” What? That he’d sworn off women and only loved Jacob? Or maybe that he knew Jacob was interested in her and didn’t want to intrude. “This isn’t right.” He reluctantly shook his hand from her grip. “We need to get back downstairs. Help Jacob.” He didn’t move.

Devyn stared at him, her gaze intense and lips slightly swollen from their kiss. After what seemed an eternity, she nodded.

“There are extra blankets and pillows in the armoire.”

Needing space, Cam left the bathroom.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts

Publisher: Loose-Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-743-6
Genre: Fantasy, Shape-shifter
Released: August 12, 2008
Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin
Format: e-book
Length: Novel
Price: $5.99


A six hundred and fifty-seven year old dragon, Bane is done with the Grand Council. Tired of the endless cycle of assignments and losing Riders. He craves to live out the rest of his life in quiet solitude. The last thing he needs or wants is another Rider.

Dragons fascinate Sianna Richter. She's curious about their secluded natures, brute strength, unique looks, and graceful movements. Dragons often invade her dreams, beckoning her inner soul. Only she is a descendant of Elder blood, aristocratic blood that has never bonded with a dragon...

Until now.

One touch is all it takes to ignite their passion, but will Bane form the bond between these two reluctant hearts?


5 Angels and a Recommended Read from FAR (Fallen Angels Reviews)“This book is one of the hottest and best buys that you can purchase this week, this month, and maybe this year.” ~ Missy

5 stars at Ecataromance Sensual
"Decadent, scrumptious and wickedly delightful; Reluctant Hearts delivers a full dose of sinful enjoyment." ~ Keely S.

4.5 blue ribbon rating from Romance Junkies“DRAGON RIDERS 2: RELUCTANT HEARTS is a riveting book.” ~ ladybirdrobi

4 ½ stars from Jessewave“Marty Rayne's protags seem real even though they are paranormal because she does such a good job with her characterizations.”

Bane closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. The air filling his lungs was coated with her scent, saturating him with longing. Flames of desire licked along his nerves; his yearning grew. He let out his breath in a whoosh of smoke, yet she still clung to him.

Bane knew he shouldn’t be here, but still his gaze roamed the room. His mind commanded that he run. To get as far from Central as he could. To expunge her smell from his body. To destroy the image he held in his head of her. He should rid himself of all that was connected to her. He needed to be out searching for Dargo and his rider, not dallying here, stalking.

He had flown away. Started toward the Calcus Mountains. Back toward his solitary life. It had been his intention to never look back again. But he only got as far as the edge of Central before he’d turned around. His instincts and preservation of his sanity were too strongly embedded in his genetic makeup to resist leaving without her.

Bane had encountered his next rider. He found the one fated to bond with him until she died, too. The thought of her death made his chest constrict with grief. He didn’t want to live through another loss. He didn’t think he had the strength to let another rider die without him going with her. And he wasn’t prepared to die just yet.

Bane couldn’t help himself. He stood in the middle of her room, needing to feel close to her. Desperate to know who she was. After discreetly questioning of some acquaintances he’d formed through the years, he’d been shocked to find that this woman who would be bonded to him was the only child of Elder Richter. The prospect then became extremely appealing. What better revenge on the man who thought he was above dragon or rider? He would bond with the uppity Elder Richter’s only child and bring her fully into the world of dragons. She would also be the first rider from an Elder’s bloodline. The cream of the crop. After seeing Sianna, he knew why they were referred to in such a way.

He picked up a discarded scarf from the foot of the bed and lifted it to his nose to inhale her scent. Her spicy fragrance once again permeated his nostrils. It couldn’t be masked by the sweet perfume and soaps that the human women of Central were determined to use. Bane had to admit that some needed it, but not his bondmate. Not Sianna Richter.
* * * * *
Sianna closed the door behind her and laid her forehead against the cool wood. What was wrong with her? She had tried to go about her day as normal, seeing to her duties once she left her father’s presence. Her mind, however, had another agenda. Instead of concentrating on the tasks at hand, it kept wandering back to the man she’d encountered outside the Grand Council’s chambers. Over and over, she remembered those deep green eyes. The irresistible draw of them. The eyes from her erotic dreams. How his skin had suddenly heated beneath her touch.

Becoming so frustrated by her lack of concentration, Sianna called it a day and stomped off to her rooms to sulk in private. Perhaps a long exercise session later would work out the annoyance she felt from allowing herself to be so distracted by the stranger. It was bad enough that dragons easily distracted her when she knew one was in Central, but to feel like one of the wanton wenches her father kept bringing into their home was new.

“Blasted dragon. I hope he rots in his own dung,” she seethed as her hand slapped the door.

“That wouldn’t be me you’re cursing, would it?” a deep, husky voice asked.

Sianna jumped, startled by another’s presence in her room. She turned swiftly, wishing for her weapon against the intruder. Because it was hidden under her mattress, she widened her stance and held her hands in front of her, ready for battle and pissed that someone would dare enter her private rooms.

The physical attack never came. The same dragon from earlier was across the room. His lean body rested casually against one of her bedposts, posture nonchalant, completely relaxed, but she could feel the aura of strength surrounding him. It radiated throughout the room, entwining with the very air she breathed. Though he looked slender, she knew there was real power under the clothes he wore. He could move across the room in the time it took to blink her eyes. No amount of training would ever give her the advantage over one of his kind.

Sianna shivered, feeling as if his hands were slowly caressing her body when his gaze swept over her form. Her breath hitched as his eyes glowed eerily. Her knees trembled as his tongue swept over his lips, wetting them. Goddess forgive her, her underwear was soaked with the wetness seeping from between her thighs.

Swallowing hard, Sianna managed to make her voice work, and was impressed that it didn’t tremble…much. “How did you get in here?”

“You should be more careful about leaving your balcony doors open.”

Sianna narrowed her eyes on him, deliberately ignoring her body’s obvious arousal by his mere presence. “We are ten floors high. Who would dare to risk that climb?”

His brow rose, the gesture making his face even more handsome. “Who said anything about climbing?”

She made a strange scoffing noise to cover a moan of arousal. Her blood felt as if it was on fire, warming with every second he stayed. “So you think it’s appropriate to fly into whatever room your feel like? Regardless that no invitation was issued?”

The man actually had the nerve to laugh at her when he pushed away from the bedpost. Her eyes followed the ripple of muscles under the tight azure-colored shirt. Her gaze lowered to roam over his chest and abdomen, mouth drying as her body sent all fluids to her lower region. Snapping her eyes back up to his, Sianna refused to look below his waist. No matter how much she wanted to. She had been, after all, raised a lady, better than a wanton whore. At least that’s what her father would say.

“I’m a dragon. I need no invitation.”

Sianna opened her mouth to disagree at his conceit, but quick as lightning, he stood in front of her, his body pressed boldly against hers. She gasped and took a step back. He followed, not letting his body part from hers. She took another step, her gaze locked with his, and a lump stuck in her throat. The brief impulse to cry for help evaporated.

Her back hit the door. Trapped. His body pinned hers. Large hands rested on the door, one on each side of her head.

She didn’t need to look down to see his arousal. Sianna could feel the hardness of his erection pressing between her legs, seeking the dampness. Their clothing was the only thing preventing his entry into her slick, throbbing pussy.

A groan of pleasure erupted from Sianna’s throat. She’d often envisioned feeling this wondrous pleasure when she met the man she would marry. The women of her family habitually lectured to the unattached ladies and told stories of love and attraction as if it occurred simultaneously. However, she had yet to come across a man in Central who’d made her feel even remotely aroused in all of her twenty years. She’d nearly given up on the fairy-tale visions the older women had embedded in her mind.

Now here was a dragon, bearing the eyes of her dream lover, who sent sensations beyond her imagination coursing through her virginal body. She didn’t love him. Mother Frayland, she didn’t even know his name. But that didn’t stop the lust from growing stronger than she’d ever imagined, shocking her system.

“You can’t…” Her words turned to a gasp when he ground his hips harder against her. The throb became an ache and she wanted him closer.

“I fly where I please.” He spoke quietly while his lips brushed over hers, shooting small shocks of electric current along her nerves. “I see who I please. Elder dragons such as I are not easily deterred when we want something.”

Sianna had no control over her hands as they rose from her sides and reached for his waist. From there they slid up under his shirt where her fingertips stroked every curve and ridge of his muscular form. Her breath became raspy as her hands traveled higher, taking his shirt with her progress. The glowing of his eyes intensified, nearly blinding her, but she couldn’t look away. The jeweled color was mystifying.

He stood absolutely still, body tense. Was he waiting? She hadn’t told him to leave. She hadn’t told him not to touch her, or had even uttered the word no. Was he giving her the opportunity to do so? Did she want to?

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Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After

This book is no longer available from Forbidden Publications, however, I got a review four months after it was taken off the market. It is in the process of being re=contracted with Phaze, re-worked and the start of a trilogy. New title will be - Trio of Tales: Bedroom Fantasies. More on that later

5Hearts from The Romance Studio!
"All of these stories are fun. A little mild BDSM and some hot erotic sex definitely make these for adults only. The characters have more depth and the plots more meaning in Ms. Rayne’s version." ~ Dee Dailey

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fallen Angels

Publisher: Loose-Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-708-5
Genre: Gay Contemporary
Released: June 3, 2008
Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin
Format: e-book
Length: NovellaPrice: $5.99


Adam Hardy’s assignment was clear: Infiltrate the pseudo-biker gang Fallen Angels and bring back the dirt on their big boss, Lucifer.

Nowhere in the mission statement did it tell him to fall for their leader, Mammon, named after the fallen angel of greed.

Marc, aka Mammon, thought that a quick dip would sate the lust he held for the newest Fallen Angel. After all, Adam would never be his now that Lucifer has taken an interest in the pretty boy. Intent on making him a golden boy.

Who knew sex and the unexpected bond of trust would bring the two men together as they try to take Lucifer down and out of their lives forever. Can the two survive all the obstacles thrown at them?


5 Stars at Rainbow Reviews
"From the moment I started reading Fallen Angels I could not put it down.” ~ Emily

4 Nymphs at Literary Nymph Reviews“Marty Rayne has created an intriguing plot that is well written, emotional and erotic.Minx

Joyfully Reviewed“Fallen Angels is such a good read and I adored the characters including a bratty but mature teenager.” ~ Ley

“Food has nothing to do with what you want.” I gave him a shit-eating smirk.

His head fell back against the fridge. “How did you know?”

“It’s my job to observe, to know who I take into the fold.” His body trembled under mine, and he stilled. It only lasted a second, but I made note of it. There was a chance Adam wasn’t out, which would explain his reaction.

“So, now what?” His question came out breathlessly.

“Now we fuck, pretty boy.” Before Adam could protest, I grabbed hold of the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up over his head, effectively trapping his arms up in the material. He could have freed himself with just a small amount of struggle; instead, he stood there, chest heaving with his panting breath. Adam looked too hot, with his cheeks flushed and lips parted. Evidence of my need to shave had made the skin around those lickable lips irritated to match his rosy face.

Using one hand to hold his arms up, I bent my head and took a nibble at the closest nipple. He gasped, his head falling back and eyes closing. I sucked it between my teeth and bit harder. Adam’s body jerked, and a moan tore from his throat.

“Like that?” I asked, licking soothingly around the nipple.

There was a hesitation before his answer. “Yes.” It was spoken softly, as if he was reluctant to tell me. It made me wonder. Having had my share of lovers, not too many of the real pretty ones were into pain, afraid of marring their beauty. Most wanted the tender, soft touches of a gentle lover. But not all, as Adam was proof.

I left the straining nipple and trailed light kisses up his broad chest and then shifted over to his collarbone. Adam sighed in response; his body relaxed further into mine. I licked his neck; the salty flavor of sweat invaded my mouth. I licked again, then quickly sucked in flesh and bit. It wasn’t hard enough to break the skin, just enough to leave a mark. Adam’s hips jerked forward against me, and a cross between a cry of pain and moan of pleasure rocketed from his mouth.

I nearly spent my load right there. Iron-clad control was the only thing that kept it from happening. How long it would actually last was another story.

I stepped back abruptly, releasing Adam. He blinked at me, dazed and confused.

“Don’t talk. Bedroom. Now.” I spoke between clenched teeth. I turned and started to the bedroom, yanking at the buttons of my jeans. I didn’t have to look back to see if Adam followed. Could hear him hurrying behind a moment after leaving him in the kitchen.

By the time I reached the bed, I tugged my feet out of my jeans and damned the stubborn boots that had taken precious time to get off. Behind me, I heard Adam undressing as well. Turning, I found he, too, had trouble with his boots and jeans.

I was impatient. Almost desperate to be inside of him. I could imagine how hot and tight his ass would be. Again, I called upon that well-learned control as I watched him finally dispense with his last bit of clothing.

I went to the bedside table and retrieved the bottle of lube and a condom. The safe houses were always fully stocked. Throwing them onto the bed, I went to Adam. He looked around the room, and I sensed that he felt a little -- lost? Reluctant? Unsure? Maybe a little of each.

Kissing him swiftly, pulling his body to mine, our bare flesh finally came together. We moaned in unison as our cocks made contact. It never ceased to amaze me how wonderful it felt to have another hard dick rubbing along my shaft. Wetness seeped from my tip, anxious for action.

I pushed Adam toward the bed, releasing my hold. “On your knees, pretty boy.”

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dragon Riders 1 : Bonded Hearts

Publisher: Loose-IdISBN: 978-1-59632-580-7
Genre: Fantasy/Dragon, M/M/F ménage a trios
Released: December 4, 2007
Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin
Format: e-book
Length: Novella
Price: $4.99

One rider – One dragon – But what happens when you throw a lost Earthling into the mix?
Detective Nick Montgomery finally catches up to the serial killer plaguing Miami, however, he doesn’t count on being caught up in the killer’s own spell and transported to Ketall. An alternate world of a primitive nature and is home of dragons and magic.

One particular female is Jax, a red-eyed dragon who doesn’t exactly like home. Or the idea of having to share her Rider, Kel, with anyone. She’s young, possessive, and spoiled. At least that’s what Kell tells her. So why is she attracted to this off-worlder who interrupts their life? Why does he set her blood boiling with desire every time they are near? And why can’t she kill him to rid herself of the annoyance?

Kel is drawn to the stranger he saves from death. More so when he realizes that Nick is also fated to bond with his dragon, Jax. Never has a dragon had two bondmates at one time. But an evil sorcerer and his witch complicate things by trying to send Nick back to his own world. To do so would mean killing both Jax and Kel.

Warning: This story contains elements of male/male relationships and ménage trio with a female.

4 Stars from JERR“Dragon Riders 1: Bonded Hearts made me fall in love with dragons all over again. There was enough action, drama, and romance for any book junkie to love.” ~ Suni Farrar

5 Stars from Reviews by Jessewave“I loved this story for a number of reasons but mostly because of the characterizations, particularly Jax and her emotional rollercoaster ride and conflicts as she tries to understand what being in a relationship is all about; her metamorphosis into a fully evolved being is wonderful.” ~ Jesse


Awareness came slowly to Nick. The floor beneath him rocked leisurely, almost lulling him back into the abyss of unconsciousness, until he was jostled none too gently. The movement slammed the air from his lungs. Just when he caught his breath, the ground jumped from beneath him again.

Nick groaned with pain and forced his eyes open. He tried to lift to his hands and knees, keeping his balance with the sway, but his right leg refused to hold his weight. He tumbled back down and his right arm screamed in protest as he landed hard on it.

“Fuck,” he spat.

The rattle of chains drew Nick’s attention to his surroundings. His eyes finally focused on the wood floor. The sun heated his skin, the sound of birds chirping reached his ears, and a horse neighing let him know he was outside.

His thoughts remained foggy. What was the last thing he remembered?

Chasing a killer. Amos Bronson. And blood. Lots of blood everywhere. There was a light, its brightness and heat burning him, followed by cool darkness. What had happened? How had he gotten outside? And hadn’t it been nighttime?

“He’s awake.” A sharp voice dragged Nick from his cloudy memories.

There were six sets of eyes staring at him. Men of varying ages. Unkempt, streaked with dirt, they were clad only in pants that tied at the waist. The only other items they wore were thick manacles on their wrists from which dangled chains that were locked to the floor.

Prisoners? What the hell was he doing with prisoners? But these men weren’t wearing the normal inmate attire.

“Where the…?” Nick attempted to sit up again, this time being more careful of his leg and arm.

He was in some sort of crude cage. The top and bottom were made of thick wood; the bars surrounding them were solid black iron. The swaying and jostling was the result of the cage being pulled behind a single horse. The creaking wheels kicked up dust from the dirt road.
Like the others, thick iron manacles chafed his own wrists, locking him to the floor. Even if he wasn’t chained, there would be no way a man of average height could stand in this cage. Even at his five feet eleven inches, Nick wouldn’t be able to kneel without having to slump down.

“Who are you? Where am I?” He addressed the group at large, his throat dry and scratchy. He shivered and swiped at the sweat dripping down his face. “How did I get here?”

“Found you on the side of the road. The Master thought he’d get some coin for you before you died,” a red-haired man said with a sneer.

Nick shook his head. The Master? Coin before he died? For that matter, what was with the cage? This dirt road? Where the hell was he? Certainly not in Miami. Instead of tall buildings, busy streets, and palm trees, he beheld thick clumps of trees along one side of the road and open fields on the other.

Definitely not Miami.

He closed his eyes. Nothing made sense. Nick ignored the sharp pain in his leg and the way the fabric of his jeans stuck to the wound.

“I don’t --” His words were clipped by the pop of a whip. The six other men flinched and cowered as much as their chains would allow.

“No talking, slaves.” A harsh, deep voice boomed from Nick’s left. Turning, he was met with near black eyes. They belonged to a large man dressed like a Ren Faire refugee. His pants were dark brown and resembled leather. His shirt, probably originally white, and now coated with sweat and the dirt from the road, was tight around his bulk. He had several leather bands around his wrists and leather boots encased his feet. The most menacing part of him was the long bullwhip he held in his hand.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 978-1-59426-794-9
Genre: Gay Contemporary, BDSM, Christmas themed
Released: November 19, 2007
Format: e-book
Length: HeatSheet
Price: $2.00

The sexy follow-up to At the Edge!
Being on Santa’s Nice List can be very rewarding.

We first meet young, charming, and sexy Christopher O’Malley on Valentine’s night in New York City helping his friends Michael and Todd complete their most hidden fantasies. This night helped Christopher create his own flights of imagination where love and bondage were once just a passing fancy, along with an erotic BDSM book series written by Master Stafon.

Spending the Christmas holiday on the east coast, Christopher finds himself without family or friends. That is until he meets little Emily, her mother Devyn, and her uncle Mason…a writer whose pen name is Master Stafon.

Christopher is instantly attracted to Mason, even before he discovers the man’s profession. As Christmas draws near, the holiday looks more appealing as Mason gives Christopher the opportunity of a lifetime. To experience some bondage play first hand. Could this be the gift that keeps on giving?

Warning: This story contains elements of BDSM.


4/5 stars from Rainbow Review"Yet again this author has woven a truly beautiful story that had me both eager to find out what happens next, but at the same time not looking forward to when the story would end. The story was both erotic and romantic, not an easy thing to achieve, but forgive the pun, Marty Rayne has mastered it wonderfully." ~ British Bull Dog

Joyfully Rieviewed"I was excited about this sequel and couldn't wait to read it. I was not disappointed." ~ Ley


“Tell me, Christopher.” Mason faced him, hip leaning against the counter. “Who is it that intrigues you the most? Me, Mason Romero or Master Stafon?”

Christopher stared into his deep chocolate eyes, falling further into their grasp. His lust spiked higher, his blood heating. He had the greatest urge to fall to his knees and worship Mason’s body. To have those striking long fingers touch him, run through his hair, scratch at his scalp. He shivered with exhilaration.

“Would you be offended if I said both?” His voice was deep with arousal.

Mason moved closer, the corner of his lip twitching, amused. “No, actually it pleases me.”

“It…it does?” Christopher was surprised. Was Mason actually interested in him?

Mason leaned closer, there was only an inch between their mouths. The scent of brewing coffee mingled with Mason’s spicy cologne. Christopher’s nose had never smelt a better scent. It made his body tingle and his cock twitch.

“Yes, Christopher.” Mason closed the distance and brushed his lips ever so softly over Christopher’s. “However, Master Stafon is just a character. I admit, he’s a part of me, but not all of who I am.”

“I understand that.” Christopher swallowed hard.

“And I’d be pleased to show you my dungeon. But only if you are willing to play. What do you say? Do you think you could handle me?”

Christopher was speechless, his throat working, trying to find his voice. His nerve endings were jumping with excitement, his imagination running wild. He gave up and just nodded his response.

Mason chuckled and moved away. His lips curved into a smile of unspoken promises of pleasure. “Let’s see if you can, Christopher.”

Testing Passion

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 978-1-59426-785-7
Genre: Contemporary, mild bondage, toy play
Released: October 29, 2007
Format: e-book, available in print book, Lascivious
Length: Novella
Price: $3.00
Blurb:Toys are for grown-ups too.
Janet O’Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora’s Box. She sets her own schedule, it’s never boring, and at times, very exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that are forced upon the way she performs her job.

Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. With a deadline looming, there is no one he trusts more than Janet and her studious testing skills. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet’s door asking for her help. Being the owner of Pandora’s Box, he’s frightened that he’s losing his best employee, the woman who has him intrigued and fascinated by the passion filling her reports.

Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion, along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Warning: This story contains elements of light bondage and play with sexual toys.


4 Klovers from CK2s Kiwps and Kritiques
"Testing Passion by Marty Rayne is a fun and erotic read. The basis of the story is what had me reading it, but the story itself was even better." ~ Tina

Joyfully Reviewed
"Testing Passion is not only light-hearted and fun, but it is also erotic with a major punch." ~ Jo

She flicked the whip a couple more times getting the feel of it before finally turning to her guinea pig. She had thought her actions would finally receive the fearful reaction she was expecting, but when she looked at Damien, her pulse quickened and her panties got a fresh douse of wetness.

Instead of fear, Janet witnessed raw lust burning in his chocolate brown eyes. She never knew eyes could shine so bright that they almost glowed. It was more than his eyes telling her he was excited. Damien was rock hard, his cock standing straight out like a diving board ready to be used. She used the tips of the whip and dragged them across the stiff flesh. His body flinched and a deep growl sounded from his throat.

An unaccustomed feeling of power swarmed over her. She had not even touched him and already he was excited and ready. Had she ever had this kind of power over a man? Thinking back to the few lovers she’d had, the answer was no. Like Alan, the others had not allowed her the freedom Damien was insisting upon. They had not allowed her complete control and trust. None had looked at her with such fierce hunger. It made her pause.

“I trust you.” The words were so soft she barely heard them over the loud pounding of her heart, but they were enough to spur her into action. He trusted her. Trusted her not to hurt him. Not to let things get too far. They had their safe word. She wasn’t sure she could have that much trust in him if the roles were reversed.

Janet moved so that she stood behind him again, but this time a little to his left. He did not turn his head to watch, merely stared ahead…waiting. She looked at the scrumptious flesh before her and wondered if she could really hit him. Could she slash the leather lashes across the smooth unmarred ass and watch it pinken?

She wanted to. The urge to watch his body jerk as the leather touched him was strong. That strange feminine power rose inside of her, demanding to show her dominance over this man who could physically overcome her with ease. She had gifts. Gifts born to all females like seduction and feminine wiles.

Raising the hand that held the whip, she swung and let the lashes fall. His body jumped in surprise and let out a quick gasp. Immediately she let another swing fall on his other ass cheek.

“Are they too soft now?” she asked in a trembling voice. She didn’t know if it was from the excitement of having him at her mercy or the sight of his ass muscles contracting in recovery.

“More.” She barely heard him. He cleared his throat and spoke louder, his voice shaky. “I can’t tell yet.”